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Let’s be real.   Teaching children to play the piano in a group setting is not easy. Today, I am thinking of a group piano class that meets at 3:30 pm on Fridays.  Six students. Ages 7-12. Two of them talk continuously. Even with headphones on. One always want to follow his own agenda. Another […]

Total Fiasco?

Total Fiasco?

Posted on Apr 24, 2019 in Featured, Logistics, Piano Camp, Planning, think

Last year I had “the best idea ever” as I planned for summer piano classes. I had heard a great motivating podcast, I contacted the right people, I bought all the equipment, I created a buzz, I thought I did all the right things. I just failed to ask the parents and students what they […]

Marketing  Your Piano Camp

Marketing Your Piano Camp

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Let me be honest with you. I struggle with marketing. It’s one of the parts of owning a business that makes me cringe. I have soooo many mental blocks when it comes to talking about my awesome piano studio*. It is just ridiculous. But I am willing to learn and change my way of thinking. […]

Preschool Piano

Preschool Piano

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This blog post first appeared on You won’t be alone if you were wondering why children are encouraged to start piano lessons early. While every parent would fancy the thought of bringing up the next world famous pianist, enrolling in a preschool piano class doesn’t necessarily mean you want them to become professional musicians. […]

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This post first appeared on We don’t talk about this enough and we should. The idea that waiting until a child is 9 years old to begin their musical learning needs to vanish.  We live in a different world. Music learning has to be handled differently. Fifty-five years ago families were still singing together […]