Beautiful Hands!

Posted on Jan 18, 2015 in Technique
Family of three people is playing the piano, front view

A familiy of hand positions. Which is the worst?

Flat fingers.

Hanging thumbs.

Wrists resting on the keyboard.

Pinkies up in the air.

Working on technique during a group lesson is a challenge and being consistent is the key to making it happen. Keeping your eyes on two or more pairs of hands is no small feat while trying to make music! But it is possible.

We need to remember to have a plan for technique.

What are the semester goals?

Are the activities during class supporting your technique goals?

If you bring out the drums will it enhance their hand position?


Whatever plan you have for private students you can use in group lessons.

Keep your thumb on the white keys.

Make a rounded shape with your hand and call it a cave.

Flexible/soft wrists.

Play with your fingertips.

Beautiful Hands!

These are the two words that I use to remind the group about the above.  And I have to remind them several times during class mostly because they go home and forget about it. So be assured that it might take a few semesters to see basic hand position become natural. Or you may also not be consistent and continue to remind them for years.  I know. I’m still working with a few!

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