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Last year I decided to learn biblical Hebrew (really??). Luckily, I had a fabulous teacher who was extremely patient. Being a student again made me take a second look at the expectations I had for  my beginning  group piano students.

Here are a few things I learned from my own class:

  • Start slow even if there are students who grasp the concept immediately. Whether it’s naming the white keys, playing a major chord or understanding eighth notes. Explain it in different ways, give various examples, sing it or dance it.  Stay with that concept during the whole class period so that the students will get a chance to grasp its meaning.
  • Always start with review of what was learned the previous week. If you are in the habit of reviewing for a few minutes students have the opportunity to relax with what they already know and be successful.
  • Don’t allow technique to fall by the wayside. Good hand position, feet on the floor/stool, sitting up straight, etc. All basics are easy to ignore when you have a group of six students needing your attention.  Make it a part of your class routine!

Sadly I had to stop my Hebrew lessons indefinitely because I did not have time to practice.  Sounds familiar, eh?

What else do you do for your beginners?


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