Drums in Piano Class

Posted on Jan 18, 2015 in Class Routine



Drumming is an exciting way to learn and practice rhythms during piano class.  With drums students have the opportunity to feel the rhythm, hear the rhythm and imitate the rhythm. And if you want to practice hand position you can also do it on the drums!

For example, if you are teaching “London Bridge”, after singing this well-known children’s song you would hand out the drums, introduce or review what the rules are when handling these instruments, and then work on playing the dotted-quarter-note-followed-by-an-eighth-note rhythm by:

  • playing an imitation game with different rhythms
  • tapping the drum only when “this rhythm” appears in the song
  • singing other songs with this rhythm
  • tapping only quarter notes while you sing the melodic rhythm

Drumming is a great activity even if you don’t want to work on a specific rhythm.  Playing the drums will create variety in your class and give you the needed time to work on steady beat, following the director and ensemble playing.

Try it!

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