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Posted on Mar 5, 2015 in Logistics

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When there is any type of frozen precipitation  in Texas  – schools are closed.  This translates to Dorla’s Piano Studio being closed. Even though it is easy for me to get to the studio ( it’s right next door), my studio policy states  that when school closes due to inclement weather, the studio will also be closed.

This year, however, I offered the option of online lessons and many families enrolled in private lessons opted to try for the first time.

But what about group lessons? Can you imagine six 8 year olds trying to play for you on Google Hangouts? A recipe for disaster!

Here is what I plan to do if I ever need to offer a group lesson online, a group lesson make up.  It is the same plan I have for online private lessons that are interrupted because of bad internet connections: YouTube.

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It will probably take you 10-15 minutes to record a video with your instructions.  No need to set up video equipment or a fancy room.  Just take a video with your smartphone. You will need another 10 minutes to upload the file to your YouTube account and then email it to the parents.  Be as detailed or as general as you want and get to the point of the lesson quickly. One parent told me  that she was grateful for the videos because she could pause it and review until her child understood. It has been a win-win procedure at my studio.

If you do not have a YouTube account or a smartphone this might be a project you will have to work on for next year 🙂

Here is a sample of what I’ve shared with my students.

Sonata (triplets)

Sonata (video lesson)

Sonata (video performance)



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