Piano Pyramid

Posted on Aug 16, 2019 in Featured, Logistics, Methods, Planning

Have you heard of one-room school houses?

In the history of education one-room school houses provided the ideal learning environment for many. Students of different ages and levels learned together.

One teacher teaching different grade levels.

This is the concept of mixed age group piano teaching or mixed ages. One teacher teaching different piano grade levels.

Piano Pyramid Explained

Piano Pyramid is the collection of ensemble pieces that I have been looking for. The resource that has been missing for group piano teachers who teach mixed ages.

A collection of ensemble pieces that meets the repertoire needs of different levels of piano skill.

Piano Pyramid is a set of 6 ensemble pieces that are the backbone of one semester of learning.

Each piece has 5 different levels and a conductor’s score.

The arrangements increase in difficulty at each level creating a beautiful piano arrangement and optimal learning. A Piano Pyramid.

How Does It Work?

Piano Pyramid arrangements are easy to use and implement with your students because any combination of the 5 parts (provided you can play Part 4) will be successful in creating beautiful music.

Each arrangement includes:

  • the song with 5 different piano levels, from beginner to early intermediate
  • conductor’s score
  • license for one teacher to make unlimited copies
  • step-by-step lesson plan

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to teach group piano to a group that includes mixed ages and skills.

Here is an example of the arrangement of Spring by Vivaldi, for Pianist 2. The student will only read their particular level in their book.

Piano Pyramid – SPRING – Pianist 2

Below is a sample of the conductor’s score for “Spring”.

Is Piano Pyramid a Book?

At the time of the publishing of this blog post you are reading, the Piano Pyramid arrangements are being released individually. A bundle with the first 6 pieces will be released later this year (2019).

Piano Pyramid will help you save time in your planning and find your groove as you begin to teach mixed ages in a group piano class“.