Group Piano & Young Beginners- The List

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 in Class Routine, Classroom management, Methods


  1. One acoustic piano is enough.
  2. Repeat. Repeat Again.  Then do a little repetition.
  3. Take a song home!

One Piano

Don’t delay the start of a great piano adventure by thinking that you need to have a keyboard for each student.  You will divide your class time between singing on the rug, playing rhythm games, refining finger plays and playing the piano. You may choose to divide your group in half, have them line-up for a choo-choo train at the piano or allow them to play for the whole class.  Think of a group of  young children each with their own keyboard, headphones, piano book, piano bench and foot stool trying to set up for a song. It’s not pretty! Now imagine the children at one piano ready to play the “C” you have assigned them…it takes 30 seconds and you can move on!


Oh how their eyes sparkle when you repeat an activity they enjoy! Attach it to a new song or dance and in a few weeks you will have many activities to repeat and others will be ready to be retired. Just don’t think you have to plan a list of new activities every week. Repetition will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Piano Song

Piano Teachers: You KNOW parents are going to ask, “so, what did you learn today in piano class today?” Prepare your students for the answer! Make sure they have a song to play AT the piano.  Repeat it often enough during class and make it the last activity you do before they leave your classroom! You may even post a video on YouTube and email it to the parents just in case your young students forget!