I Only Have One Piano…

Posted on Mar 17, 2018 in Logistics, Methods



Have you been staying away from teaching piano in a group setting because you do not have a room full of pianos?

If one piano is your current situation and you are ready to schedule your first group lesson, here are a few suggestions:

  • Find duos, trios, quartets and other pieces that allow different combinations of several students at one piano.
  • Meet with your group once a month to have a spectacular time playing together!
  • Each time you meet for your group lesson add a new activity that will “edutain” and give them a taste of what it is really like to be in group piano.
  • Begin research into purchasing at least 4 digital keyboards for your studio.  In 2018 it is quite inexpensive to purchase your beginning keyboards or commit to a long term relationship with full size, touch sensitive instruments.
  • Start promoting group lessons for your beginning students and use a group piano method that has everything already planned out for you.  This is a great way to learn how and what to do in your group lessons. You can read more about choosing piano methods for group, here.

I am sure I have probably forgotten a few other suggestions, but this is a beginning!


*Instrument suggestions are just recommendations based on their price.  I do not own or have tried the instruments referred to in these links.

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