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Posted on Apr 10, 2019 in Piano Camp, Planning, think

Let me be honest with you. I struggle with marketing. It’s one of the parts of owning a business that makes me cringe.

I have soooo many mental blocks when it comes to talking about my awesome piano studio*. It is just ridiculous.

But I am willing to learn and change my way of thinking. And that means that I am going through a tough learning process that requires courage and perseverance.

My Business Besties and I are reading Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas, and I love what she shares in her book:

“Marketing doesn’t have to be scary. Chillpreneur marketing is just:

1. Sharing what you know, and

2. Making offers.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

And yet, I stumble when sharing about my studio programs. I am riddled with doubts, thinking that someone else has the perfect answer for how I should structure my program.

So, let’s do this together. Let’s not be scared. If it doesn’t work out the way we planned we will know what needs to be tweaked. There is no giving up!

Here’s what I am going to do –

Based on this article I read online

  1. Memorize what I know. When a parent asks, why are you having a piano camp?, or what are the students going to do?, can I get a discount?, will they play the piano?, can we skip this summer?, what are the benefits? where can I see the schedule? I will have an answer for all of these questions and reply with confidence.
  2. Share with my current audience first. If I can create excitement within my own studio it will make it easier to reach out to new students. They will be talking about it. That’s just the way things work.
  3. Share with other like-minded teachers. Are there other teachers in my area who would like to plan a piano camp? Even if we are not combining our studios, we may be able to coordinate dates so that there will not be a conflict. Parents would be able to see that piano camp is not an off chance idea that I am making up. Instead, it is a new way of interactive learning at the piano and making music.
  4. Talk about it. Then say it again.What am I posting about on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Am I communicating with my studio families and friends about what is coming up? How many times have I emailed the parents about summer plans? Have I started to run ads on Google?
  5. Create a digital ad for my immediate area. I have not been successful with Facebook ads. Daniel Patterson says, “if it’s not working, it’s my fault”. He’s right. As soon as I started spending money on ads I would get nervous and turn them off, because they were not working IMMEDIATELY. So in reality I don’t know if they work. I was not consistent. I just killed the ad and said, “it’s not working”. I am going to do it differently now.
  6. Create a buzz. Again… How excited are my current students and their parents about piano camp? That is exactly how well my program will be received by others.
  7. Bring a friend. Sometimes parents will not enroll because cousins are coming in for a visit that same week of piano camp. Have I communicated that it is ok to bring the cousin? Will I charge extra? What will it cost me to say yes or no?
  8. Relationships. Have I looked into local libraries, mom groups online, daycares, magazines, anyone who makes lists of activities in the area? We can both benefit from cross referencing our services.
  9. 100% Guarantee. Am I confident enough to offer this? Yes! But it is a 100% guarantee that the students will have a great time. It is not a money back guarantee!
  10. Free stuff. It is quite easy to give away free information in this digital world. Do I have a music game I could share online? Can I make a video tutorial related to piano camp that I could email to friends and family? Could I host a movie night at my studio?

Would you like to join me?

Let’s do this every day. Every day in some way. Don’t allow your circle of influence to forget you are offering piano camp this summer!

What marketing ideas have worked for you?

*it took me 20 minutes to write these 4 words.


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  2. Ruth L Michaelis
    July 18, 2019

    You have so many great ideas. I love to make ads and do marketing but I find my days disappearing so quickly. I do not work as quickly as I did when I was younger. This post is chock full of GREAT ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dorla
      July 19, 2019

      thank you for reading!


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