Mixed Ages – Part I

Posted on Feb 18, 2018 in Class Routine, Classroom management, Featured


You read correctly. Group Piano lessons that include students of varying skills and ages.

I’ve been experimenting with mixing different ages and skills in the same group class. It has been hard work figuring it out, but worth it!


The population that I serve is busy, busy, busy. Plus, parents want their children to play the piano.

It’s very discouraging to parents and students when weekly messages going home are usually some variation of “you need to practice”.

Students love coming to their lesson but do not have time to practice 20-30 minutes each day at home. Let’s face it. Students are exhausted when they finally get home and then have to tackle homework and chores.

I no longer wanted to feel as if I was always competing with sport activities.  Why was I allowing families to choose between piano and basketball? Wouldn’t it be best if students were allowed to play basketball AND play piano?

Flexibility. If families are presented with a flexible plan, one that is easy to implement, they are more inclined to stay at my studio.

Here’s my Point…

Group piano lessons can solve many of these internal problems when you are convinced that things have to change. I am not opposed to daily practice and I am very clear with parents,  when they share their high expectations for their child, that the only way to greatness at the piano is through practice.

I’ve been teaching piano for 30+. The bulk of my students are not the competing in a solo contest, festival or Guild. They are looking to enrich their lives by learning to play the piano.

So HOW did I do this? WHAT do kids do in class and WHICH method did you use? WHAT ages were included? Are the kids in their headphones the whole time? Are you charging less?

Stay tuned!

I will tell you that the most difficult thing of all was to convince MYSELF that this was the change I needed to embrace!

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  1. Martha
    March 15, 2019

    I enjoyed apart one of mixed age teaching. Have a missed part 2?

  2. Janet Maass Fitz
    November 14, 2019

    I’ve been teaching Group Piano since 2005 and am planning to revamp how to structure these classes in my studio. I can’t wait to try your suggestions! Thank you so much for sharing!


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