My Top Three

Posted on Jan 16, 2019 in Featured, Methods

This post focuses on methods written exclusively for group piano.

“Way Cool” Keyboarding! 4 Kids

Full of cool original compositions with tracks that work on todays’ excellent keyboards right from your USB. Created with the goal of having students play right away, by rote with beautiful floating hands. From the beginning students will keep a steady beat and enjoy playing the songs for family and friends. The book includes a CD with track to play at home. If you get a chance to attend the training with Debra, you will be hooked!

Here is what I like about it

  • students play by rote
  • note reading begins early in an easy way
  • cool accompaniment tracks
  • students learn to play chords
  • lead sheets
  • improvisation
  • composition activities
  • ensemble pieces

Free Piano Method dot com

When I first started teaching group piano this method was known as the Mayron Cole Piano Method. Last year Mayron gifted her method to the piano world and so once again, it continues to be an invaluable resource for my studio.

Here is what I like about it

  • Large notation in beginning books
  • Emphasis on Rhythm
  • Created for group piano students to play out loud, together
  • Theory pages are built in
  • Includes games
  • Many ensemble pieces, even for young beginners
  • It’s free!!!

Music Makers: At The Keyboard

If your focus is building musicianship and utilizing the piano/keyboard as your main instrument, Musikgarten is an excellent choice. I will advise you to attend one of the many trainings they offer online or in person, because this is not your regular pick up and go piano method. It encompasses a whole philosophy of music learning that must be understood before using.

Here is what I like about it

  • students play by ear before reading notes
  • notation and rhythm games
  • flash cards and theory included
  • movement activities closely linked to piano activities
  • student and teacher sing patterns at every lesson
  • CD’s for practice and at home listening (digital downloads too!)
  • parents are included in the learning process
  • solfege and movable do
  • based on the principles of Music Learning Theory

What is your favorite group piano method?

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