Organize Your Year

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 in Featured, Planning

A lesson plan is essential to have when teaching group piano lessons, but have you considered planning your whole year ahead of time?

I am in the midst of planning. As of today, a hot day in July, I have only planned up to December.

What I know

  • Which day classes begin in August and end in December
  • What music I will teach each week
  • What event will take place each month
  • What days the studio will be closed

To Do

  • Choose which piano games we will use each week
  • Plan weekly theory objectives
  • Find a simple incentive program
  • Create Piano Lab assignments for private students

The items on my To Do list are the same things that sucked up most of my time last year.

Bring Out Your Calendar

Now ask yourself the following questions.

  • How many weeks will you be teaching? Mark them on the calendar.
  • Will you be teaching on holidays? If not, eliminate those days from the calendar.
  • Do you still have the same amount of lessons for each day of the week? Make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Activities To Add

  • Ice Cream Challenge (two scoops for every 5 songs you can play)
  • Piano Game Week (only play games during class)
  • Social Media Week (ask for testimonials, take student pictures)
  • Gratitude Week (students write thank you notes to parents)
  • I Love Piano Week (making rhythms and composing with candy)
  • Christmas Party Week (a party every day of the week)
  • Recital Bootcamp Week (play recital piece while balancing cup on forehead!)

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

My student love having a studio calendar in their possession. Knowing how many weeks before the next piano game week, piano party or recital keeps them connected to the studio and always looking forward to making music together.

The Purpose Is Not “FUN”

Each of the events that I add to the calendar each month is not just because I want piano lessons to be fun.

I have chosen each activity carefully so that music learning is still taking place but my end goal is to instill a sense of belonging and community for each student.

Dorla’s Piano Studio is the place where we gather to make music AND it keeps me organized from week to week.

What Ideas Do You Have That I Could Add To My List?


  1. Takenya
    July 27, 2019

    I’ve used Labor Day as an open house day in the past to get new students. I have to decide if I want to do anything or nothing that day.

  2. Ruth L Michaelis
    July 27, 2019

    Great list Dorla!
    I would be lost without my yearly calendar.
    Days , Weeks, and Months fly by so fast I would never get anything done or know what was going on with out my stated goals and timetables. I also love telling people in August when our end of the year Celebrations will be in June. That way, I know I will have better participation. It is not like it will be a surprise! Everyone has a calendar on the back of their binder and there is a huge one in the entrance hall. Then of course several on the website, emails home. etc. etc. There can never be too many calendars!


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