Piano Party!

Posted on Feb 25, 2018 in Featured, Logistics, Piano Camp

Have you noticed that right around week 6 on the teaching calendar students have that bored look on their faces?

Are you as a teacher a few steps away from burn out?  Besides adding a change of pace, a Piano Party can infuse your studio with  much needed energy.

This is also an activity that can be programmed in your calendar twice a semester and  can be used to allow the community to join the celebration.

Celebration of what? Piano!!!

Here is my plan:

  • 2 weeks before give each student an invitation and encourage them to bring a friend! I schedule one party per day for 90 minutes.  Students come on their regular day for lessons but at this new party time.
  • 1 week before talk to each parent face to face – I do a lot of running to the cars of parents who do not come into the studio. It is just something I like to do to avoid “Oh, I wish I had known about the party!”
  • Prepare the activities such as:
  • Stinky Socks (a musical “hot potato” game)
  • Ensemble piece (I used the first two sections of I Love Coffee, I Love Tea)
  • Boomwhackers – easy to do with this YouTube video track from musication on your big screen
  • Snacks (pizza, popcorn, juice boxes, cookies)
  • Giant board game on sidewalk, if weather permits… ours was rained out on day #2 🙁
  • Postcard with info about your studio for visitors (I forgot this at my first piano party…)

Let me know how your Piano Party turned out!

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