Posted on Sep 12, 2015 in Class Routine, Featured

Preparing for a new semester never gets old! It can cause a little stress and I can get frustrated trying to work with everyone’s schedule, but there are several things that helped make it easier this year.

Online Scheduling – there are many services that allow the families to check your studio calendar via the internet and choose a time for their lesson. I have been using My Music Staff for the past couple years and it has been a blessing for me and a great convenience for the parents.

Students enrolled in summer lessons choose first- during the summer I make a point of communicating with the parents and letting them know what to plan for.  Continuing piano lessons in the summer is sometimes hectic but those who do enroll in the summer get a chance to enroll before returning students.

Five o’clock Group Lessons – Monday through Thursday. That’s it. No other time for group lessons. This is really  a golden time for my community and so far it works well.  Monday ages 7-9, Tuesday ages 4-5, Wednesday ages 9-12, Thursday ages 5-6 and for busy teenagers I added a class at 6:15 only on Thursdays.  I grouped them this way because these are the ages of the students I had to work with!

I just finished my first week of lessons and it was a good one!  How did you handle your scheduling this year?

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