Teaching Group Piano Like a Boss

Posted on Feb 4, 2019 in Classroom management, Featured, Logistics, Planning

What does LIKE A BOSS mean?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary it is an informal way to say that “someone does something very well”.

Better yet, the Urban Dictionary gives 7 different ways to explain the term which include, “something someone did that was amazing or awesome”, “to do anything with authority even when its not needed”.

One of my favorite internet search results on the term LIKE A BOSS led me to a 2014 blog post from Forbes.com in which the author lists 7 ways in which you can act LIKE A BOSS in your business, instead of a worker.

  • Don’t be stuck in a comfortable routine.
  • Always search for new business opportunities.
  • Be a doer, rather than a dreamer.
  • Do whatever it takes (to turn your idea into reality).
  • Have the right reasons for starting your business (group piano).
  • Be self motivated.
  • Get in the right psychological state.

Reading this list made me think of The Dynamic Studio by Philip Johnston, where he encourages music teachers to create a studio that is dynamic because their set of skills and abilities. Those are the elements that will make your group piano class succeed.

Sometimes we are so focused on “doing group piano the right way” that we forget to take a good look at our students and what they are hungry for.

We work hard at following someone else’s rules about how group piano should be taught and stay in that routine, no matter what.

If new opportunities arise for your class, try them out! Don’t just dream about having an exciting group piano class, create it!

Why are you teaching piano lessons in a group setting? More money? More students? Are you good at it?

Do you love teaching groups? Creating lesson plans? Being flexible?

Do you believe you will succeed? Yes? then you will be teaching group piano LIKE A BOSS!

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