The Beauty of a Routine

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 in Class Routine

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Wake up. Get out of bed. Brush your teeth. Quiet time. Exercise. Prepare lunch. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Go to Work.

It’s a good plan. I try to follow it every day.  TRY. Mostly I end up with a variation of this plan. But I have a plan!

Your group piano class MUST have a plan, a routine that you know is the foundation of your time together.  It will never be perfect but it will provide for some good variations!

Here’s the plan I will be using this semester with a class of six 6 year old boys:

  • Enter classroom and go straight to your keyboard, put headphones on and review your pieces, scales, etc. (5 minutes)
  • With headphones on the class plays last week’s song while I play a duet part out loud on the acoustic grand. (5 minutes)
  • Piano book worksheet/iPad piano lab/flashcards with partner/piano solo (15 minutes). This is a rotating activity that will keep the boys engaged while one student is playing out loud, which they love to do.  WARNING: this requires practice!
  • Introduction of new piano song/concept (5 minutes)
  • Practice new song (5 minutes)
  • Piano Game (15 minutes)
  • Parents join the class in order share new song/concepts and mark assignment (10 minutes)

Whew! Can you just imagine the variations!? Don’t be shy…I would love to hear about your routine!

UPDATE: The first time implemented this rotation I FAILED! I totally forgot to  prepare the” flashcards with partner” part of the rotation. I scrambled and to find a few cards but it did not work.  I quickly took out a board game that they were familiar with from previous piano clasess and was able to continue with my plan!

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