Thinking About Piano Camp?

Posted on Apr 17, 2019 in Logistics, Piano Camp, Planning

If this is your first time planning Piano Camp you might be overwhelmed at this very moment.

So why not take a few minutes and answer the following questions?

WHY are you offering a piano camp? You and only you can answer this question. Is it a financial move? Are you bored? Is it because so many teachers are talking about it? When you sit back and really think about it, do feel excited and ready to dive in or…not? Maybe you just want to try it and see if you really like it? All of these questions are valid. All of your answers are valid. Both are necessary to be able to help you answer WHY.

Have you chosen a CURRICULUM? One of the most difficult parts of piano camp 20 years ago was having to start from scratch. Currently there are so many resources to purchase, that it makes planning 80% easier. My personal favorite, of course, is Musical S.T.E.M., which I used at my studio the summer of 2018.

You may also find other piano camp programs on the Piano Camp Curriculum group on Facebook.

Do you have a BUDGET? What is piano camp going to cost you? Will you offer snacks? do you have extra music to purchase? Will you have to pay extra rent? Think about the logistics listed here.

How will you PROMOTE? Is marketing a headache for you? Would you like to include new or just current students? Do you know you should be marketing all the time? Here are a few more suggestions to help you sort out your marketing.

Piano Camp should be a positive change of pace for you and your students. I know that I get overwhelmed easily. That is my personality. So planning with set dates and a list of what needs to be done is always helpful.

One more thing!

Here is a revised 30 Day Plan to help you get ready for piano camp!

Don’t forget to share about your piano camp experience!

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