What is Unique About Your Studio?

Posted on Jan 15, 2019 in Planning

Maybe you teach mostly adults. Or maybe your expertise is teaching private piano to teenagers. Are you a stickler for only teaching classical music? Do your students learn to play by ear first? Piano lab is required for all your pianists? Composition?

Even though I did no plan it this way, my studio caters mostly to beginning students. Preschoolers all the way to teenagers. They are all starting out mostly from zero experience at the piano or from a place where change was needed.

And I love to see the growth.

Introducing the students to their first quarter note or their first opportunity to play the piano with other kids, their first introduction to the vast world of classical music and the simple ways in which pop music can be reproduced. Year after year I see them develop into mini musicians and it just warms my heart! There have even been a few who have turned into amazing musicians, reaching beyond the expectations I had imagined for them!

We all have that “something” that makes our studio unique and I believe that “something” is YOU.

There are at least 3 piano studios within six miles of my door. There are even more piano teachers teaching at home and school. Have you checked on YouTube? You can take lessons from your device too!

But these studios do not have YOU. The students you currently teach are there because they have found a connection with YOU. And that makes your studio unique!

Besides YOU… what other feature does your studio embrace?

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